The Lartey Wellness Group is a professional counseling and coaching organization that helps families, couples and individuals obtain a balance of the mind, body and soul to reach an overall feeling of well-being.  Our professionals serve as a guide in your exploration of your inner self and greater purpose.  We specialize in creating personalized road maps which help you maintain a continuum of balance and purposeful direction within your environment. We equip you with the tools, skills, and personalized support necessary to actualize an integrated method of functioning, oriented towards progressing you towards your ever-higher potential.

The Lartey Wellness Group believes in a holistic approach to addressing the divergent, Pandora's Box of your life's challenges. We collaborate with our medical, educational, business, and spiritual partners, to develop customized road maps and tools to empower you to find tranquility and peace in order to actualize established goals. Through compassion and unconditional positive regard, we will cultivate a relationship with you to facilitate change through the recognition and trust of your unique ever-higher potential. 

If you are interested in our counseling & coaching services for families, couples, and individuals please schedule your complimentary talk session to see how the Lartey Wellness Group can inspire you to take action and move forward. 

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