Are You Worried About Your Child And Not Sure Where To Find The Right Help? 

Dealing with children, teens and young adults can be very challenging for parents, and legal guardians. How do you reach a child, teen or young adult who is difficult to understand, difficult to communicate with, and lacks motivation, in school and life?

Is your child continually struggling with school performance, lack of direction, drive and motivation both in and outside of the classroom? You may benefit from children, teen, and young adults counseling from the Lartey Wellness Group.  The Lartey Wellness Group consists of experienced professionals who are able to connect with children, teens and young adults in a way that can facilitate positive change.

The professionals at the Lartey Wellness Group are regarded as "Teen Whispers" because our comprehensive approach to helping children, teens, young adults, and their parents navigate the difficult childhood and young adult years. We believe that establishing strong relationships with children, teens and young adults helps us to not only connect with your child, but also enables us to explore emotional, behavioral, or social issues, improve self esteem, enhance school/work performance, and recommend sustainable healthy lifestyle changes.

Help Is Available From the Lartey Wellness Group  


The Lartey Wellness Group believes in a holistic approach to addressing the divergent, Pandora's Box of children, teen and young adult challenges. We collaborate with our medical, educational, business, and spiritual partners, to develop customized road maps and tools to empower your child to alter destructive behaviors and attitudes in order to actualize established goals. Through compassion and unconditional positive regard, we cultivate relationships which facilitate change through the recognition and trust of the human potential.

The Professionals At The Lartey Wellness Group Can Provide Counseling For Children, Teens, And Young Adults That Will:

  • Help them believe in themselves and build their self esteem to strengthen their armor against the challenges of the world and manage negative pressures. 

  • Build their independence by giving them the tools and techniques that will slowly allow them to stand on their own. We equip your child with the skills that will lead to success, and the capabilities that will enable them to solve failures.

  • Enhance problem solving skills to develop effective actions to solve their problems and manage their behavior and social life.

  • Manage emotions to build positive socials skills in an atmosphere of positive regard that will empower your child to be a secure, loving, resilient individual.

  • Facilitate self- learning and the exploration of new concepts by encouraging your child to ask questions upon encountering something new 

  • Explore their passion, and find the one that excites your child the most. We will encourage your child to pursue their dreams by becoming fully committed to the endeavor.

  • Improve their awareness of social situations to help avoid trouble and teach your child how to get along with others.