Is your career or professional life lacking in fulfillment or acceleration?


Do you need help making informed decisions about your career?              

Have you reached a crossroads and need to decide if you should stay in your field or leave?

Do you need help with career tools such as a résumé, cover letter, or LinkIn profile?

Whether you are transitioning, or wanting to climb higher in your current career, the professionals at the Lartey Wellness Group can help you determine the concrete steps necessary to answer these questions and achieve your career goals and objectives. 

Click here to schedule your free session. Although you don't pay anything, you can expect to gain career confidence, insight, encouragement, and inspiration. 

We know that the job search can be a stressful process filled with a fair amount of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty about where to start or what to focus on. Our trained professionals will work with you to unwrap these emotions so you will better understand how these factors may be keeping you stuck in your current professional situation. The Lartey Wellness Group will help you assess your career with a greater degree of honesty, clarity, hope, curiosity, empathy, and compassion. 

Benefits of Career Counseling At The Lartey Wellness Group Include:

  • Provide you with the tools, blueprints, road maps, and assessments to design and align your career path based on your strengths and top talents

  • Uncover your interests, behaviors and work style to help you embrace a fulfilling career 

  • Gain a new perspectives through positive feedback that will allow you to conquer perceived limits and actualize goals

  • Guide, motivate, and empower you to cultivate skills that will help you achieve your greatest career potential and make the money you deserve

  • Design a unique and customized plan to assist you with transitioning to a new career or excelling to reach that promotion 

  • Assistance with drafting a well-crafted résumé, cover letter, and improving interview skills

  • Finding a perfect, sustainable, and achievable work/life balance