Are you an immigrant with your heart in two places?

Are you an immigrant balancing the stressors of migrating to a new country, while also maintaining close involvement with family interactions back home?

Are you an immigrant suffering from an emotionally tough separation from country and family upon migrating to the U.S?

Immigrants often leave their home country in pursuit of better opportunities and to fulfilling their dreams. Upon arriving to the new land, immigrants undergo complex behavioral and emotional changes as a result of interacting and adapting to the beliefs, values, and customs of a new culture. This process is called acculturation. The professionals at the Lartey Wellness Group, understand that the immigration process— separation from your home country, family members, customs and traditions, changes in social class and/or socioeconomic status, exposure to a new physical environment, and the need to navigate unfamiliar cultural contexts—can be very stressful.

Balancing homesickness, supporting family back home, and the complex challenge of navigating two cultures and figuring out how best to live within each one— are some of the stressors that the experts at the Lartey Wellness Group can assist you with.

We Can Help You Find Your Way

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Our Counseling Services Will:

  • Help you integrate your past, future and present. We will explore your journey (discuss the reasons for your voyage), unpack the current psychological, physical, and spiritual impacts and stressors, and develop a road map to help you adjust to a new culture and language as well as overcome discrimination.

  • Provide you with the tools, blueprints, road maps, and assessments necessary to navigate challenges and press towards your Dreams.

  • Facilitate processing multiple traumas, such as war and other forms of violence in your country of origin that preceded the migration.

  • Help define your new life. Explore the degree to which you wish to have contact with (or avoid) others in the new society, and to what degree you wish to maintain (or give up) your cultural identity.

  • Assist you in forging community connections to rebuild the loss of social capital and re-establish spiritual and religious community support systems.

  • Aid you in utilizing technology to maintain healthy, positive, two-way interactions and economic connections with loved ones back home. 

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